1000 Postcard series

KAOS, in Brussels asked me to create one postcard for an exhibition related to mental health, in the end at least 100 artists participated and the work was auctioned at Bozaar for charity raising money for a residency programme started by KAOS. However, making this first postcard ignited something in my brain and I continued, in fact I am making 1000 postcards, so far I have done over 300 and counting. Each postcard is different, but I now involve the squiggles of my children, they make random marks and I transform them into ethereal landscapes with Lego figures or dinosaurs or anything that they ask me to draw. The idea is to make something epic, with one pair of hands, with my children; it's a journey over time.

Medium: pen and ink
Size: postcard
Date: 2014-2016