Oil Portraits

Sanchita started oil painting again after a terribly long gap, she effectively stopped oil painting at the age of nineteen. When she started her studies at the LSE, an art collector who happened to be 90 years old told her that ‘some people are born with a paint brush in their hands and others are born with a pencil and you my dear were born with a pencil.’ She concluded from this that she couldn’t paint and didn’t touch oils for years. However slowly but surely she started to oil paint again learning from a book and looking at the great masters. I suppose it was a stubborn and inner compulsion that propelled her forward. Sanchita is glad she started oil painting again and these portraits are part of a series of portraits she is working on exploring a classical photo realist technique. She started the series at the age of 33. Sometimes she wonders what her other oil paintings might have looked like in the lost years inbetween. Like with most of her art training Sanchita honed her oil painting skills by looking at the work of her idols such as Gerhard Richter and the classical giants such as Vemeer, Klee, Klimt…

Medium: Oil Paint
Size: 10x10 inches and 14x16 inches
Date: 2006 - 2009