Self Portrait

Sanchita has been drawing her mother and herself since she was sixteen. The project conveys the changing relationship between mother and daughter over the years. There are scores of drawings in this series and the idea is to exhibit them in chronological order when they are both deceased. The psychological pain that we try to mask or the insouciant cool that we may feign or the dullness of life that can be transcribed in the face fascinates Sanchita. Some of the portraits try and tease out Fred the devil and in some of them it is Fred (the devil), Mia (the diva) or Sophie (the dreamer), not Sanchita (the intellectual) starting back out you. How can one face seem so very different? How can a person inhabited with so many personas exude one consistent image? No two portraits are the same and never will be and this is what drives the project forward.

Medium: Pencil
Size: A4
Date: 1998 - Present