Brain Drawings

These large imaginary drawings combine Sophie’s ethereal world with the maniacal one of Fred. The scroll is a thirty long piece that Sanchita is working on consisting of miniscule writing, a soul etched on a scroll. Why should we be restricted to a canvas or piece of paper with edges, the scroll is the closest form Sanchita could find that represents a ‘limited’ infinity and stops her from being constrained and blocked in. They also rely heavily on the imagination and evolve slowly with a steady and methodical patience. To enjoy them you have to zoom right in and make an effort to properly look rather than skim or scan the work, which can often be the case in galleries. These works force people to rediscover what it is to ‘look’ again.

Medium: Pen, ink, acrylic paint, gold leaf
Size: Thirty foot and A0
Date: 2003 - 2009