Early Work: Ages 15 - 21

The reason why Sanchita has included early work is to illustrate the experimentation and the range that was evident from the outset. Her first art teacher aged 11-16 gave Sanchita free reign but that all changed when she attended Loreto College Moss Side where she was bullied and undermined by her art teachers which lead to a terrible depression and loss of confidence. However, the art is a life force within itself, her father intervened, gave the teacher in question a good bollocking, and Sanchtia soldiered on. Matthew Williamson, the fashion designer was in the year above her. The desire to create art was very strong in Sanchita, but it wasn’t nurtured or particularly encouraged at home, she did not have a consistent mentor, she did however have plenty of discouragement. Despite this Sanchita’s desire to create remained stronger than ever. The art triumphed against the odds. Her point is never be dissuaded, let the art flow and keep it flowing. Keep on taking that brush for a stroll.

Medium: Mixed
Date: 1988 - 1994